As young designers and human beings we care about our mother earth and think about a way to produce while respecting the environment. This is what Valentina Rangoni is doing now, but our commitment into sustainability will for sure increase in the future!

  • Production: we produce internally, with a very small and artisanal production; this way we can control material usage, trace each step of production and be sure of having a fair trade and production.
  • Waste: as a family we operate in the footwear industry since 1934; we kind of have a lot of experience when it comes to shoes! We have always produced with attention to material waste: every leather or fabric exceed is then reutilized for smaller productions or stocked for future use. Shoes not sold are then stocked and sold in outlets or given to less fortunate people who can’t afford them.
  • Materials and Pollution: we use only Italian leathers from the Tuscan leather district and European’s fabrics. This way we provide best quality, sustainable and environmentally compliance leathers. Moreover, since everything is sourced closed to the factory, our emissions are extremely low, we almost work KM0. We prefer to use leather for performance and sustainable reasons: leather is still a natural material which breaths and preserves the health of our feet. Moreover, leather is still biodegradable and less polluting than plastics and vegan materials which are produced in far east countries, and which aren’t biodegradable. Moreover, we commit for the future to research fair and sustainable materials to substitute leather in the future and to find leathers which respects all the sustainability standards (chrome-free, naturally coloured, animals well treated).
  • Fair Working Conditions: as women and young generation, we take very seriously ethical and working issues. Our production is 100% Made in Italy, in serious and controlled factories in Tuscany. We for sure guarantee equal salaries for our artisans and for all the suppliers that work with us. Being small and centralized gives us a total control over the supply chain, guaranteeing a fair working environment.