Empire state of mind.

Bright and Bold colors, glittered heels in high contrast with the dark leathers patterns, over the knee boots and leather cuts that remind of the sky scrapers of the big Apple. This is the new Valentina Rangoni collection: a tribute to the City that never sleeps and also an invite
to the enjoy the beauty of the life.

A modern goddess

Deep blue as the sea, eye blinding as the summer light on the white houses,
bright as the fuchsia of the blooming bougainvilleas:
The new Valentina Rangoni Spring Summer 2023 follows the dream of a summer in Greece.

The collection is made of different shapes both bold and feminine that represent the idea of a modern goddess, a woman able to face every day with grace and freedom. Platform sandals with Greek inspired laces up to the knees, block chunky heels that reminds the Ancient Greek columns, woven leather that is inspired to the Greek marble decorations: every step of the collection is a tribute to a beautiful and historical land which enhances the fantasy and dreams of every woman.